Monday, June 29, 2020

100 words challenge

 About a kangaroo at my house?

Once upon a time there was a girl who was called Andrew and she was at her house but in her bedroom played on her combook and needed her mum come in and her name is renee. She said to me I need to go outside to play so I said ok so I went outside. And I saw a kangaroo in my treehouse. I was like, why is there a kangaroo in my treehouse. so i called my mum and told her if she saw it but she said she can not see it i was like say but it in my treehouse. but my mum said i am just look at a bird so i was like ok but then my mum when inside so i was hi and the kangaroo. said hi too and he said his name it was dazzle i was can we play and he said yes i was like ok so we play but i just sat there doing nothing because the kangaroo was like so annoying to me so i say to it can you ple go home now because i like to play in the treehouse myself so the kangaroo said ok bye i was bye and when it have gone i was yes it is gone yea thank god for that kangaroo to been gone so yea.

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